Cuomo Comes to MEC, Unveils Central Brooklyn Plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo came to MEC’s Founders Auditorium on Thursday to unveil a $1.4 billion “Vital Brooklyn” initiative to pump resources for housing, jobs, health care, recreation and more into struggling Central Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The ambitious plan, Cuomo said, is a way to give local communities the means to eradicate problems in one of the most disadvantaged areas in New York State.

“We have never tried to do it right,” Cuomo told a cheering audience of city and state officials, community leaders, and members of the MEC community.

Cuomo’s initiative is aligned with the vision that Dr. Crew has for MEC and the Central Brooklyn community, as noted in our strategic plan and the commitment expressed through programs like the MEC Pipeline. Pipeline is a system by which students from Central Brooklyn are guided through a strong K-12 experience, transitioned into college, and provided high-quality opportunities to on-board into the professional world. It is also evident in the work done by our education and advocacy centers and our four schools.

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